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A fresh perspective on Healing using traditional Usui Reiki & Angelic Reiki in a personally centred fashion to suit You. Reiki tuition can be given on a on-to-one or group basis.

Personal Life Readings

You can find a wide number of answers to your personal questions about your current path in life & many insights into your spiritual quest with a personally tailored reading from David .

The Inward Matrix Podcast

Since 2019 The Inward Matrix Podcast has taken a refreshing look at Metaphysical matters, Healing and many spiritual topics. It is available to listen to on all good podcasting sites, including Apple iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Google and Anchor…


Personal Astrology Reports

The main type of commonly recognised generally today is the Western version, it has been over-popularised and over trivialised often by the newspapers, media and glossy magazines.

In fact the tradition of astrology, once considered a science in its own right was formerly reserved for kings, queens and the wealthy alone. These days it is far easier to access, and when combined with Vedic, Chinese and Mayan Astrology it can be a valuable and highly insighful tool into personal growth.

Reports can cover a variety of areas including health, career, love and family. Check out more on astrology through my links section…


Life Reading – Thoth Tarot & Runes

With over 25 years of Tarot reading experience, working as a Medical and Trance Medium, David uses the Thoth deck for readings due to its rich, complex symbolism, stark detail and accuracy.

Combined with Elder futhark Runes into the mix makes for a very specialised type of future forecast, one tailored especially to provide more than just a standard spread would do. Angel Voices cards may be used also, as well as Harnessing the ancient power of the Runes to foretell the likeliest path provides a great deal of secondary confirmation.

Each area of a spread will mirror and connect to the others, and often past life details may become apparent. Past life readings can also be ordered seperately, and can be completed distantly by reading from a photograph.



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The IMH Podcast…

The Inward Matrix Podcast is also available to watch on Youtube and Bitchute.

You can also listen on Apple iTunes, Amazon, spotify, Google and all good podcasting sites…

Past Life Work

Past Life Readings & Group sessions…

I offer one-to-one personal past life readings, distant channelled readings, or group sessions for readings. The beneficial aspects of rediscovering past lives as a therapetic tool can help you to tackle current life traumas, heal old wounds and addictions by shedding light onto repeating patterns.

Undertaking Past Life work and holding space with others to assist in healing trauma is very rewarding and worthwhile.

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Usui Shiki Ryoho – Reiki Origins

‘Dr Mikao Usui was the modern day progenitor who brought the Reiki healing energies back to the world, he did this in his native Japan by channelling Ki energy and devising a system of attuning healers to become conduits of the energy.

This process along with his hospital in Kyoto, where he treated patients with seemingly untreatable conditions became what was known as Jikkiden Reiki style, or the long-form of reiki.

Usui is credited with reintroducing the use of this ancient energy healing form back into the world.’

My Vision

“My vision is to introduce both Usui and Angelic Reiki tuition in a down-to Earth style suited for practical modern daily use. By choosing to receive Reiki tuition and attunements with me you will receive on-going support afterwards at no extra cost.

The entire ethos is one of learning to develop at your own pace, rather than simply doing a day course and then not having the right support or losing touch with your sensei as you learn and grow on your personal Reiki healing journey.  –

David Bottomley IMH.”

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