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Runes For Life Guidance

The Elder Futhark Runes provide an ancient source of life guidance to bring both harmony & balance to everyday living, throughout times of struggle, stress & difficulties. This ancient system predates the Roman Empire & can help retune Oneself back into the rhythms of natural living & greater purpose. Beginning a Rune journey will bring a wealth of discovery to illumine your outlook on life forevermore…

Thoth Tarot Divination

Thoth, Poseidonis, or Hermes as he was often called was a God from Atlantean era whom it is said walked the earth for many hundreds of years, amongst us. The  modern Thoth tarot was the work of Mr Crowley & Lady Frieda Harris, the artist. It’s rich symbolism, and depth of character make it the ultimate tarot deck to work with – one which encompasses, not only Astrology, Qabbalism, Mythology, and deep rich colourful images associated with a feminine version of the original tarot deck.