Learning Reiki – What’s Involved?

Usui Shiki Ryoho Reiki is taught in three stages or levels generally. The first stage is principally the beginning of the self-healing system which Dr Mikao Usui intended to be a doorway into each individual taking the first steps on the gradual journey of understanding, processing & integrating the lessons to enable personal healing. Whilst many people come afresh to learn reiki as a perceived method to treat and heal others initially, there can be no mistake that healing oneself is the ultimate goal.

At level one a student will learn the basic principles of using the reiki or Ki energy to direct to themselves, and to practice if desired on others, the various techniques and hand positions. Methods of channelling the energy for various ends and means are also covered before the Reiju, or reiki attunement ceremony is completed. A full level one reiki manual is included and of course a certificate of attunement. Cost for level 1 is £125.

With level two a student will learn the symbols required to use, transmit and intensify their reiki healing, even over distance, to animals and plants and in other ways. There will also be a second Reiju attunement which will increase the flows of energy, and of course a full manual and certificate of completion is included. The cost for level 2 is £245.

Level three is also referred to as the ‘Master’s Level’ though it is often split into two separate days tuition, one for the third level symbols, instruction and attunements; and then another day a short while afterwards to focus on teaching and development methods. A full manual and certificate of completion is of course included, as is after support. Cost for level 3 is £355.

Each level can be completed in this fashion within a day respectively for levels 1 and 2. Level 3 will require two days in total.

Angelic Reiki is available in four level stages. Please enquire for further details via our contact form, or ring David to chat about your needs.