Past Life readings can be conducted face to face in private one-to-one sessions as well as remotely through the use of a portrait style photograph. Yet another way is through past life group workshops, generally designed to allow each person attending a reading, and the opportunity if desired to discuss any issues raised in such a reading.

The whole point of learning about one’s past life experiences on a soul level, and a tool to resolve current life traumas and issues, is one to bring healing through awareness of why the two lifetimes correlate; in other words what are the repeating patterns I should now deal with?

Usually groups of between 4-6 people are ideal for an afternoon or evening past life group session. The readings do not involve any type of hypnosis, they’re simply read from the individuals in a trance state, and readings may be recorded if you choose. 

Whilst past life readings can be fascinating and enlightening on a personal level, they can also expose hidden or repressed trauma based issues and therefore this fact should be considered beforehand.

Distant Past Life readings can be recorded on MP3 and/or transcribed – Cost involved £60 per reading.

Group Past Life readings start from £50 per person (Groups of 4-6).