My passion and interest with and for astrology started early in life. I realised that there was more to it than we were led to believe by a flippant media. Newspaper horoscopes were an infantilized boiling down of what was at one time considered a great, accuarte and revealing science along side any other. The main reserve of astrology was for royalty, the wealthy and leaders of men.

It is true that the exact moment, place and time zone where a soul enters life determines the exact positions of not only the Sun and Moon but other planets, asteroids and Houses which have something like several Quadrillion different permutations to define a person’s character, ego, physichal make-up and much more. I simply cannot be just split up into twelve bitesize categories!

Western astrology is the most commonplace which is based on the slow gradual¬† movement of the planets; whereas Vedic astrology takes the planets and stars as fixed points, and also pays particular detail to the Nakshatras – or individual days of the lunar cycle to determine a person’s character.

Mayan astrology is another ancient fashion which runs on two cycles; a 260 day Tzolkin cycle with 20x periods of 13 days each called a Baktun. Mayan astrology was used throughout the Mesoamerican lands from North, to Central and parts of South America. There was also a 365 day count called the Haab and a 52 year cycle which were all taken into account.

Chinese astrology uses animals’ nature to express the personality types, matches, mis-matches and cycles in a person’s life. The Chinese New Year in February each year signals the start of a new cycle. This year 2021 is the year of the Metal Ox. Each cycle of twelve years is accompanied by an elemental aspect of either Metal, earth, Fire or Wood to describe each in better detail.