The Origins of The Inward Matrix


David Bottomley began Inward Matrix Healing back in 2011 following years of personal work, and much research into many forms of healing and natural medicine from around the world. Prior to this David has worked as a Tarot and psychic reader, a medical medium and also as a trance medium since as long ago as the 1990s. He also became a leading proponent for health concerns as a campaigner for hidden disabilities such as Post Concussion Syndrome and other chronic health conditions, leading to an increased awareness and ability to assist those whom suffer, struggle and are generally unassisted by the modern healthcare industry.

David began practicing Usui Reiki following a trip to southern India in 2001 and quickly learned how to adapt and refine a healing system to suit his own, and others personal daily issues. Whilst Usui Reiki is taught in a short one-day form in the west, it was originally evened out carefully at each level over a year by Mikao Usui before any full attunements were given to any student. In addition to Reiki is the sound element of Kotodama or sacred sound which can combine to provide a powerfully transformative healing experience.

In addition David has worked with crystal energies as a part of his healing pathway, and having spent many years working in the gem, crystal and precious stone business has an extensive knowledge of how to employ, utilise and deliver healing using sound frequencies, Angelic Reiki energy and crystal vibrations for a transformative therapeutic healing experience.

These days David is still very active in many areas of anything uniquely different, including readings events, shows, trance work, writing, teaching and other more cutting edge practices of astral and energetic healing. Tuition in divinatory tarot card, Runes, trance & medical mediumship and psychic development are available upon request, and David can tailor any tuition to suit your specific needs. Please use the contact page to get in touch today?

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             Spiritual Growth &  Reiki Tuition

                                       ~Usui & Angelic Reiki~

In addition to my online service for insightful personal readings, I offer distant healing, and a local service in the West Yorkshire area for Usui Reiki, and Angelic Reiki tuition and treatments.

Readings and Psychic and Spiritual development are done on a one to one, or group basis and can also be arranged by Zoom meetings.  Often great growth and inner change occur after a person has being attuned to the Reiki energies.

I can meet most people’s spiritual, and practical tuition requirements, and my services are aimed at providing an empowering and positive outcome for my clients, with on-going support as standard.

David is also a lover of local history, especially where it concerns the unusual or knotty past of interesting characters,  buildings or ruins such as Milner Field House – the former Gothic country house of titus Salt Jr & his wife Catherine Salt. You can take a peek here on the Inward Matrix Youtube channel….